Submitting Information for the Annual Accomplishment Report

The format for the 2017 report will be similar to last year:

  • Each county page will include short success stories, a list of activities, and a photo.
  • Remember that reports are by county, not by association.
  • County UW-Extension educators are being asked to participate.
  • Additional information is still being collected on community gardens and produce donations, but several additional questions about participation in different areas are included (most are check boxes plus a narrative).
  • Instead of a single “theme”, we will include discussions in 5 areas in the Executive Summary (education, youth, food security, greening communities, and environment). Questions relating to each of these areas are asked in the submission form to generate some statistics about MGV participation in these areas throughout the state.
  • Send photo(s) to and include caption(s).

Each COUNTY will have one page in the state report to share their accomplishments for the past year. The format is designed so that each page can be used as a handout to promote the program locally. View the 2016 report.

This report is NOT intended to be a complete record of everything that has been accomplished this past year, but instead just highlight three ways MGVs made a difference in the county. This is your opportunity to tell a story about the value of your organization in your community by focusing on a few exciting details of your program rather than the whole picture.

Submit your report using Google Forms at