Plant Propagation for Master Gardeners

Join Mike Maddox for a day-long workshop in the beautiful DC Smith Greenhouse on the UW-Madison Campus.   During the day we will: Tour the greenhouse Practice herbaceous cuttings Practice hardwood cuttings Discuss layering and grafting Practice dividing bulbs Discuss tissue culture Location: DC Smith Greenhouse, UW-Madison Campus Date, time, and registration details posted in the January […]


Expert’s Tip: Growing Donuts

Chrissy Wen, Walworth Co. UW-Extension Horticulture Educator I’ve always said that plants are smart.  This time of year it’s hard to tell, but I’m sure we’ve all seen a plant that is growing in the shape of a donut with all the lush growth on the outside and nothing left in the middle. This is the plant’s […]

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Expert’s Tip: Hardening Off Seedlings

By Eileen Nelson, UW-Extension Herbaceous Ornamental Specialist As the wind blew and the snow swirled you patiently planted precious seeds in starter trays, all the while visioning the blooming flowers and fresh produce of summer.  Now, those seeds have sprouted, the plants have sized nicely and the garden bed awaits.  You don your gardening clothes, […]