WATCH: Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Earthworms

From the 2017 Level 2 training, Compost and Soils for MGVs


  • Bernadette Williams, Invasive Plants and Earthworms Outreach Specialist, Wisconsin DNR

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FOR A LIMITED TIME: Jumping Worms Survey

Help track the spread of jumping worms in Wisconsin

Researchers at the Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, in partnership with the WI Department of Natural Resources and the University of Vermont, are conducting a statewide survey to determine how extensively the jumping worm has spread in the state and the type(s) of landscapes they inhabit. We ask that you please consider completing a 5 minute survey to help us answer these questions.

Note: The survey was posted on Oct. 6, 2017 and the earlier you can complete it, the better.  The worm populations we are trying to detect will drastically decline with cooler weather, especially in northern counties. This survey will only be available until Nov. 27, 2017.  

Earthworms and other species can have large effects on Wisconsin forests.

Earthworms and other worm species can have large effects on Wisconsin forests.