Shade… and Light!

WATCH and READ: Shade

Shade: Watch

Watch these three videos. Make sure to click the links below to watch two Wisconsin Gardeners.

Shade: Read

  • Gardening in Shade, University of Illinois Extension
  • Gardening in the Shade, University of Minnesota Extension
  • These two articles are on the same general topic but each focuses on different sub-topics. Together they have a really nice overview of shade gardening.

WATCH and READ: ...and Light!


  • Video 1: A short video to focus on plant phototropism
  • Video 2: Lecture by Dr. Richard Amasino, UW-Madison Department of Biochemistry.  **Watch until ~12:00 minute mark.  You are welcome to watch beyond that but the lecture goes into more detail on the genetics and biochemistry of photoperiod.  Note that both videos are located as a playlist in the above video window.  




Shade and light are present in this garden.