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Articles on Yellow Flowers

Yellow is a warm color that brings brightness and cheer into the landscape. Yellow flowers come in all shades from a soft butter color to brassy gold. Read about a few plants with yellow in their common name or with early-season yellow flowers in these archived articles:

Plants Plus: Tree Roots

One in the Plants Plus Series – a remix of past training presentations, printed materials and other references focused on specific plants or topics to help you increase your knowledge so you can better answer homeowner questions. To get two hours of continuing education credit for watching the video presentations and doing the reading, just complete the short quiz! This Plants Plus package focuses on different aspects of tree roots and bare root trees.

Articles on Silver-leaved Plants

Not all plants have green leaves. Bluish or silver foliage offers a cool contrast in a single plant for a focal point or to create a Mediterranean effect when used thought a landscape. Read about some herbaceous perennials and annuals …

Woodland Phlox, Phlox divaricata

For soft purple-blue flowers in partly shady spots in spring, nothing beats woodland phlox. This North American native thrives in dappled shade and moist, well-drained soils. With an open, relaxed habit it fits well in informal shady beds, rock gardens and wild or naturalized areas.  Learn more about this pretty late spring to early summer bloomer in this article…

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