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Plants Plus: Invasive Plants

One in the Plants Plus Series – a remix of past training presentations, printed materials and other references focused on specific plants or topics to help you increase your knowledge so you can better answer homeowner questions. To get two hours of continuing education credit for watching the video presentations and doing the reading, just complete the short quiz! This Plants Plus package focuses on invasive plants.

Articles on Butterflies

Butterflies are usually a welcome addition to our gardens. With over 150 species in the Midwest, there are likely some butterflies right in your backyard. Read about a few — and some interesting moths, as well as how to lure them in…


The buzzing of cicadas means it’s the height of summer. In Wisconsin there are only a few species of this group of insects that is mainly tropical in distribution. Feeding underground on roots for years as nymphs, the adults are only around for a few weeks, making their distinctive noise and laying eggs for the next generation. Learn more about these insects in this article…

Articles on Biennial Weeds

Biennial plants grow leaves, stems, and roots (vegetative structures) in their first year, then enter a period of dormancy (usually winter) and then bloom the following season. There are a number of weeds that have this life cycle, which affects how we can manage them. Learn about five biennial weeds in these archived articles:

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