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Gloriosa Lily, Gloriosa superba

The exotic flowers of gloriosa lily, with their amazing color and an unusual shape, make a flamboyant statement in the garden or in a container on a patio.  This twining perennial vine with tendrils coming from the tips of the leaves grows from a tuberous rhizome to produce the striking flowers in summer and fall. Learn more about this climber native to Africa and Asia in this article…

In My Backyard: Bright throughout Winter

Well, as I look out into my far western Wisconsin backyard here in early December, I’ve been seeing a lot of brown.  Different shades of brown, but overall, brown.  I’ve been okay with brown and relatively warm temperatures for this time of year, but as I write this the temperatures are dropping and snow is predicted. […]

Articles on Some Flowering Tropical Plants

It’s pretty cold outside in our area, and most plants here have stopped growing for the season. But plants from tropical climates never have to deal with winter, and generally don’t drop their leaves and go dormant — making them ideal candidates to join us indoors for the winter (or to be grown as seasonal outdoor plants during the summer). Read about a few tropical plants grown for their flowers in these archived articles…

In My Backyard: Creating Educational Moments for the Office with Container Gardening

It’s not always easy to grow the produce, herbs, and flowers that we want to have to enjoy during the spring, summer, and fall. Especially, when you lack the space and outdoors to create these type of gardens. The Adams County UW-Extension Office wanted to participate in a professional development training on container gardening at […]

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