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Articles on Fall Flowers

Now that the crisp days of autumn are here and summer flowers start to fade, focus on those herbaceous plants that shine at this time of year, whether for their flowers or foliage. Read about some plants that put on their colorful show late in the growing season in these archived articles:

Painted Lady Butterfly, Vanessa cardui

The painted lady butterfly is a common visitor in Wisconsin, especially in the fall. These colorful insects prefer open areas, including prairies, old fields, vacant lots, and gardens where they feed preferentially on the nectar from relatively tall herbaceous perennials. The spiny caterpillars feed on a large number of different plants. To learn more about this butterfly, read this article …

Plants Plus: Root Crops

One in the Plants Plus Series – a remix of past training presentations, printed materials and other references focused on specific plants or topics to help you increase your knowledge so you can better answer homeowner questions. To get two hours of continuing education credit for watching the video presentations and doing the reading, just complete the short quiz! This Plants Plus package focuses on root crops.

Articles on Plants with Purple Flowers

Purple flowers can range from range from plum to lavender, with various shades in between, giving options that mix nicely with almost any other bright or pastel colors in the garden. Read about a small selection of plants that have flowers predominantly in various shades of purple in these archived articles:

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