Master Gardener Program in Winnebago County 2019

At the end of 2019, 109 Master Gardener Volunteers reported 7,293 hours of volunteer service for an estimated value of $175,026 (Independent Sector).  They also reported 2,009 hours of continuing education and reached an estimated 5,116 individuals with various outreach projects.

Morgan House Historical Museum

Since 2017, MGVs have been helping the Winnebago County Historical Society to restore historical gardens at the 1880’s Victorian Morgan House.  The project beautifies and adds a sense of place to the Oshkosh downtown for the enjoyment of all visiting the area. Fourteen MGVs have designed gardens reflective of the 19th century, and provided signage indicating the trees, shrubs, and perennials on the site.  In particular, a rose garden has been added using a restored urn. Future plans include an herb garden and information box for the many visitors to the home.

Plant Health Advising

The Extension office provides the service of answering consumer horticulture questions throughout the year.  Twenty MGVs helped field over 250 inquiries from residents throughout the growing season. Inquiries usually had multiple questions with the majority related to tree concerns, identification of a plant specimen, insects and culture.  Volunteers were able to share their knowledge, and gain new knowledge for themselves through their research. Residents appreciate having a place they can contact where they will receive reliable, research-based information. We received many notes of appreciation and have repeat customers from year to year.

Parkview Cutting Garden Project

Master Gardener Volunteers have been partnering with Winnebago County Park View Health Center since 1997 providing therapeutic gardens for residents.  The gardens provide a beautiful setting for the residents and their families to visit and rejuvenate, while being outside, enjoying the serenity of the gardens.  Once a week from June to October thirteen MGVs meet with residents and staff on site where they select flowers and design a bouquet for residents to take back to their rooms for the week.  MGVs provided many educational opportunities for the residents, and answer questions from staff and families. Future plans include expanding the pollinator plant collection as the residents love seeing the different caterpillars and butterflies

Park View Flower Arranging Project

Master Gardener Volunteers partner with Winnebago County Park View Health Center to provide horticulture therapy to residents.  Thirteen volunteers collected fresh flowers from the Park View Cutting Gardens Project or their own gardens during the growing season, and supplement with purchased flowers during the winter.  They create bouquets for residents that are not able to visit the cutting gardens. Four events a year are held with each event creating 60 bouquets. Emphasis is placed on the interaction with the residents who choose type, color, and arrangement of flowers.

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