Master Gardener Program in Green County 2019

At the end of 2019, 29 Master Gardener Volunteers reported 1,475 hours of volunteer service for an estimated value of $35,394 (Independent Sector).  They also reported 484 hours of continuing education and reached an estimated 2,686 individuals with various outreach projects.

Host Education Programs for Community 

The 12th annual Master Gardener Symposium featured topics surrounding “Beautiful Gardens.”  The keynote speaker presented on magical monarch butterflies and gave intricate details for gardens to improve their habitat. Other presenters touched on must have perennials for gardens, container gardening, successful tips for photographing gardens, and garden art ideas.  Over ninety-five people were engaged in day long conversations about gardening. The local Master Gardener Association had 20 volunteers planning and presenting to make the day run smoothly.

New this year, Master Gardeners presented a fall class workshop beginning with pruning of woody plants.  Details were given to encourage the best spring growth. Following that presentation, soil enhancement tips were given including using your home composted material to create the best soil environment.  Closing out the half day presentation was a hands-on activity for bulb and plant division. Thirty-five gardeners were in attendance with five Master Gardeners presenters. Feedback was so positive that the association has decided to continue this effort.  

Create Garden in New Glarus School Courtyard 

Master Gardeners in coordination with a local landscape designer created an intricate layout for the courtyard location.  This area is located between two school buildings that needed improvements for beautification. Grade school and high school classroom windows are able to view the plants and yard art for teaching aspect.  Approximately eight Master Gardener volunteers have worked on this project from start to finish. Their next scope of improvement is to include seating via tree stumps for outdoor classroom entertainment.  

Mentor Students in Community Clean Up Day

To encourage high school students in volunteering in garden aspects, projects are made available with Master Gardeners for their assistance. Over fifteen locations including the public buildings, churches, school gardens, and the historic downtown are designated as spring clean up and new planting locations. Approximately ten Master Gardeners guide fifty students throughout Blanchardvillle for this beautification project. One Master Gardener said, “The combination of youth and Master Gardeners promotes community involvement in a “growing” way!”

By the Numbers

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