MG Sharing: This is What You’ve Shared!

The 2015 annual report on the MG Program has been printed and one copy was mailed to each of the county offices (yesterday) and each local WIMGA rep, so if you want to see the printed, 72-page book ask your local rep or county educator. It is also available electronically to everyone on the MG website as a pdf at

This report is not just about Mike and Susan trying to keep their job, as someone suggested – it IS our job to show the value of the program and help all of you do the same.

How can you use this annual report?

  • Promote your program locally.  Each county’s page is designed to be used as a stand-alone handout to give to others outside the program. Several counties have already used their pages at meetings with county committees and other local decision makers. Each page includes the estimated monetary value of MG service for 2015, and cumulatively since 2000 (or whenever the program started there). Some of those numbers are quite impressive! Dodge Co. MGV Carol Shirk shared with me:

    “I was doing a presentation about our Youth Master Gardener program to the Beaver Dam Optimist Club…and [mentioned] the value of the hours we contributed to the county. Knocked their socks off.”

    You can save just your page from the full report on the website (from the file click on print, choose Adobe PDF as the printer, and type in just the page number(s) you want). OR, if you’d prefer the page without the page number, just send Susan an email and she’ll send you your county’s page.

  • Get ideas. A plethora of fantastic projects are chronicled in this report. Read some other county’s pages to get ideas of activities you could emulate, or get inspiration to take one of your current projects to the next level.
  • Plan for next year’s report. Read your report critically and think about how it could be improved to show the IMPACT of what MGVs are doing in your area. Too often the story isn’t told (or at least not very loudly), so use this as an opportunity to blow your own horn and let others know the difference you’ve made in your communities!
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. The report is in color and now includes images. Not only does this make the report more interesting, it now adds another way for us to tell our stories and show the people we reach and the impacts we make.  Make plans to take high quality pictures of people and projects throughout the year.