Sheboygan County Master Gardeners

We had 89 members in 2013, with 63 certified for 2015. There were 33 people enrolled in the fall Level 1 training class.

In 2014 we volunteered 58 hours in youth education
723 hours in community education
3,058 hours in support service
and participated in 1,468 hours in continuing education

This year Sheboygan Co. UW-Extension utilized the “flipped classroom” learning method for Level 1 training. Students read assigned materials and watched pre-recorded video lectures at their convenience outside of class time. Class time is designed for students to inquire about lecture material, reinforce their knowledge with hands-on activities, and to learn from guest speakers from within the community on various horticultural topics.

Major Accomplishments or Projects:

  1. The John Michael Kohler Arts Center believes that visitors should have an indoor escape experience at the Arts Center and strives to keep green space for their visitors. The Art Center no longer has a “full-time” gardener due to budget constraints, so MGVs keep plants watered, pruned, deadheaded, and also take care of general plant health.
  2. Meals on Wheels provides home delivered meals to homebound elderly and disabled citizens. The Sheboygan Co. program is a model program utilizing local produce and the fresh food approach in meal preparation. Eight Sheboygan Co. MGVs partnered with other gardeners to help grow a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for the Meals on Wheels program in Sheboygan Co.
  3. Sheboygan Co. MGVs provide on-going educational opportunities for existing MGVs and well as the general public. Those educational opportunities included a bus trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden and Milaeger’s Garden Center, a photography workshop, and a visit to Solaris Farm.
  4. The focus of the MGV exhibit at the Sheboygan Co. Fair was using native plants in the landscape and providing information about protecting ash trees from emerald ash borer which was found for the first time in Sheboygan Co. in 2014

Highlighted Project: UW-Sheboygan Gardens

Over 30 MGVs, landscape professionals, and students have worked to greatly enhance the aesthetics of the UW–Sheboygan Campus. During the past 6 years, 8 gardens on the Campus have been planned, developed and maintained by the Sheboygan Co. MGA. Development started in the spring of 2008 when Sheboygan County UW- Extension relocated to the Campus. In 2009, two WIMGA grants were used to develop an educational garden at the UW-Extension entrance. In the spring of 2010 the Court Yard garden was completed using plant material donated by MGVs. A Japanese Island Garden was completed in 2011. In 2012 an “L” shaped garden was renovated outside the Campus Fine Art Building. Many art pieces are located on campus and this garden area is used to illustrate how art and gardening go hand in hand. In 2013 MGVs partnered with the UW-Sheboygan Foundation, Bookworm Gardens, and Greenscape to landscape garden space surrounding new UW–Sheboygan signage on University Drive, using many native plants in keeping with the natural restoration of the adjacent Sheboygan River floodway. The UW- Sheboygan main entrance area, named the Acuity Garden, was also developed in MGVs removed invasive honeysuckle and buckthorn on Campus, replacing that with Gro-Low Sumac in an area totaling nearly 3000 square feet. MGVs worked with and mentored Lakeshore Technical College Horticultural students in the recently completed Patio Garden landscape design and installation.