Crawford County Master Gardeners

The Crawford County Master Gardeners Association (CCMGA) has 16 members, with 14 certified for 2015.

In 2014 we volunteered

  • 72   hours in youth education
  • 65   hours in community education
  • 1,142   hours in support service
  • and participated in  323   hours in continuing education

The CCCMGA’s newsletter is in its 5th year of production. A monthly edition sent to members by either e-mail or by the postal service informs members of projects, project needs, and upcoming community or MG events. Some summer MGA meetings were work nights at local gardens including the St. Feriole Memorial Gardens and the Crawford Co. Fair Grounds. The balance of the year, the CCMGA typically meets at the Crawford Co. Administrative Building in Prairie du Chien.

Major Accomplishments or Projects:

  1. Oktober Fest 2013. The CCMGA, the Prairie du Chien Parks and Recreation Department ,and several private citizens collaborated on this event. The MGA sponsored a scarecrow contest. The scarecrows are made by MGVs, community organizations, or any individuals who wish to participate. A maze made of bales of straw for children to walk through was provided and two cows were on hand for anyone who wished to try their hand at milking them. Gift baskets made by the MGVs were given away. Other activities not provided by the MGVs were an entertaining German band and German food prepared by several private individuals.
  2. Christmas in the Memorial Gardens. The local Eagle’s Club started this project in 2012 by putting up some lights on a few shrubs and trees. The CCMGA became involved in 2013. Outdoor decorations and Christmas lights were donated and put up by the MGVs for the public to enjoy as they walk or drive through the gardens. Plans to expand the project this year include putting up donated artificial Christmas trees at the entrance of the gardens and increasing light displays.
  3. Crawford County Fair. A workday was held at the Crawford Co. Fairgrounds in Gays Mills in mid-July. MGVs trimmed bushes, raked and mulched bushes and shrubs in preparation for the Crawford Co. Fair in early August.
  4. Gardens and Landscaping. MGVs continue to maintain gardens throughout the Prairie du Chien community, including government buildings, churches, historical sites, and the area nursing home.

Highlighted Project: Restoration of the St. Feriole Island Memorial Gardens

St. Feriole Island is separated from Prairie du Chien on the mainland by a small backwater channel of the Mississippi River. The Memorial Gardens, a registered non-profit located on the island that developed years ago from a MGV’s desire to honor her recently deceased mother, is a collaborative community project enlisting the help of volunteers and clubs like the local 4-H. There are the Children’s Garden, Spring Pond, Shade Gardens, Backwater Garden and the Patio Garden on 10 acres of land. Because the Gardens are close to the backwater channel they were flooded not once but twice this year for several weeks at a time. The flooding occurred in the spring and then again during the summer after heavy rains. Many of the perennials in low lying areas were lost. The annual plant sale was also canceled. MGVs, along with area correctional facility inmates and other community volunteers, participated in renovating and repairing the Memorial Gardens during several work nights. The Gardens were cleaned, washed (using overhead sprinklers) and re-mulched. MGVs and 4-H members mowed and raked the hay-like grasses. With everyone working together, the Gardens were semi-restored in time for the weddings that were scheduled the weekend after we were given permission to resume work in the gardens, and planting of new perennials continued throughout the rest of the summer.