Thyme Shares & Friends (Marquette County): Garden Thyme in Marquette County

Master Gardener Associations all over the state do many great things.  Here is a highlight from the 2013 Annual Report:

In an effort to educate the public about the MG Program’s purpose, MGVs, with some input from UW-Extension, wrote and published a book titled Garden Thyme in Marquette County that was released and available for sale (at cost) just before the holiday season in 2012-2013. The book begins with an introduction to a MGV. This includes the history of the program and the value of the Volunteer. The book is full of brightly colored photos of twenty highlighted gardens from many years of our garden walks. Along the margins of the stories, sidebars written by MGVs provide information about many pertinent topics related to gardening. Numerous resources are listed in the back of the book for more in-depth research by readers. A large section in the resource area is devoted to Extension bulletins.

MGVs that have purchased the book have commented that even they use it as a resource. Books have been given as gifts. The book was presented to our new Ag Agent, Lyssa Seefeldt, this summer.  In her words “… I found the book helpful for getting to know the MG group as a whole… It has shown me some of the interests that the group has and a start to learning what knowledge the group can offer.  The educational elements that you incorporated into the book are great and hopefully have inspired some people to take up gardening, even if it is small-scale.”

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