Mini Horticulture Fact Sheets

These sets of mini-fact sheets on various horticultural topics can be used as handouts at Farmer’s Markets, county fairs, or other venues where MGs interact with the public and answer gardening questions. These are designed as a single sheet to be copied and then cut into four quarter-page leaflets, making these handouts more economical than a full sheet of paper. There is both a black and white version (that could be copied on colored paper) and a color version (same text on each). Consider adding your own contact info (such as your UWEX office phone number, local hort hotline number, MG website address, etc.) on the reverse.

There are different sheets for each month throughout the growing season. Each sheet has four timely topics, including one each of vegetables, flowers, pests and other gardening issues. Any other resources on those topics – such as Extension publications, websites, articles on the MG website, etc. – are listed on page 2 and 3 of the B&W file (this is the same info repeated twice, formatted for quarter sheets so it can be printed on the reverse of the fact sheets (pg 2) and full page width (page 3)). Note: most sheets still have the old MG website addresss on them.

For a single sheet with all the same topic, contact Susan Mahr.


Radish  •  Pansy  •  European Pine Sawfly  •  Veggies to Plant Early

Asparagus  •  Bleeding Heart  •  Colorado Potato Beetle  •   Crabgrass vs. Quackgrass

Lettuce  •  Geranium  •  Dandelion  •  Fire Blight


Peas  •  Viburnum Borer  •  Black Spot of Rose  •  Care of Spring Bulbs

Spinach  •  Peony  •  Aphids  •  Verticillium Wilt

Onion  •  Oregano  •  Eastern Tent Caterpillar  •  Walnut Toxicity


Sweet Corn  •  Petunias  •  Japanese Beetle  •  Powdery Mildew

Beets  •  Purple Coneflower  •   Cabbageworms  •  Easy Composting

Broccoli  •  Dwarf Conifers  •  Cucumber Beetles  •  Watering Plants


Zucchini  •  Sunflowers  •  Fall Webworm  •  Deadheading Flowers

Green Beans  •  Russian Sage  •  Squash Vine Borer  •  Drying Herbs

Garlic  •  Roses  •  Spider Mites  •  Oak Wilt


Tomato  •  Aster  •  Cluster Fly  •  Tubakia Leaf Spot

Basil  •  Black-eyed Susans  •  Whitefly  •  Tomato Blights & Leaf Spots

Peppers  •  Why Mulch?  •  Chinch Bug  •  Diplodia Shoot Blight


Pumpkin  •  Ornamental Grass  •  Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle  •  Recycling Leaves

Apples  •  Chyrsanthemums  •  Boxelder Bug  •  Garden Cleanup

Winter Squash  •  Goldenrod  •  German Yellowjacket  •  Houseplant Care


Fertilizing  •  Mowing  •  Creeping Charlie  •  Controlling Crabgrass