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Great Grasses

Ornamental grasses offer contrast in texture and form in most gardens, and are often and easy, low-maintenance way to provide multi-season interest. Read about some annual and perennial ornamental grasses in these archived articles:

Spotted deadnettle, Lamium maculatum

Look no further than spotted deadnettle for a tough but showy groundcover. With variegated leaves that shine in shade and a long bloom time, Lamium maculatum is an eye-catching plant throughout the year. Choose from cultivars with green and white striped or silver leaves and white, purple or pink flowers. Learn more about this adaptable, low-growing perennial in this article…

Hot Colored Flowers

Is it hot enough for you? Heat can refer to temperature, spiciness and also to color, as in the warm or hot color range which includes red, orange and yellow. The more intense or brighter the color, the hotter it is. Bright colors are good for drawing attention to areas you would like to highlight. Here’s a small but sizzling selection of plants with flowers primarily in brilliant, blazing shades. Learn more about these hot plants in these archived articles:

Spider Flower, Cleome hassleriana

Spider flower is fast growing, self-seeding annual with delicate and airy flowers in showy, exotic looking heads of pink, white or purple. These eye-catching plants provide a splash of color from summer through frost when planted in mass or as a backdrop for shorter companions in the annual or mixed garden. Learn more about this cottage garden favorite in this article…

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