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Articles on Yellow Flowers

Yellow is a warm color that brings brightness and cheer into the landscape. Yellow flowers come in all shades from a soft butter color to brassy gold. Read about a few plants with yellow in their common name or with early-season yellow flowers in these archived articles:

Virginia waterleaf, Hydrophyllum virginianum

With attractive flowers and foliage, Virginia waterleaf is an herbaceous perennial of moist deciduous forests that blooms a little later than most spring-blooming wildflowers in woodlands. The common name comes from the variable markings on the leaves which resemble water spots. Learn more about this native plant in this article…

Serviceberry, Amalanchierspp.

If you’re looking for a small tree with attractive white blossoms in spring and small fruits that can be food for animals or humans, consider one of several species of serviceberry. There are a number of plants in the genus Amalanchier that are¬†graceful trees or shrubs that can provide year-round ornamental interest in the landscape. To learn more, read this article…

Articles on Spring Pests

It’s not only spring flowers and new leaves that emerge this time of year. Plenty of pests also show up to torment gardeners. Read about a few of these that are common early in the growing season in these archived articles:

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