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Plants and Poultry

Scott Reuss, Marinette County UW-Extension Horticulture Educator, clucks about the role of poultry in the garden

Articles About Plants with (mostly) Pink Flowers

If you’re sick and tired of the recent focus on everything green, here we shift to a different color in the garden: pink — everything from pale baby pink to bright fuchsia. Here are a collection of of articles about some ornamental plants that have flowers in various shades of pink (or many cultivars that are pink). Learn more in these archived articles:..

Grow Your Own Salad Greens

Nothing tastes quite like a salad fresh from your own garden. Lettuce, and many other salad greens, are very easy to grow, and there are many more types available to grow yourself than you can typically find at the grocery store. Learn more about the variety of salad greens that are easily grown in a home garden or container in this article…

Butterflyweed, Asclepias tuberosa
The Perennial Plant Association’s Perennial of the Year 2017 is butterflyweed, Asclepias tuberosa. This native milkweed offers brilliant orange flowers attractive to a wide range of butterflies and other insects and is a host for monarch butterfly caterpillars. Learn more about this tough, long-lived herbaceous perennial that makes a great addition to many types of gardens in this article…

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