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Common foxglove, Digitalis purpurea

With tall, showy spikes of tubular pink or purple flowers with speckled throats, common foxglove is a common addition to informal gardens for vertical interest. This biennial from Western Europe forms a rosette of leaves the first year and blooms in the second year. Learn more about Digitalis purpurea – the original source of the heart medicine digitoxin – but also considered an invasive weed in many places

Summer insects

Insects abound in the warm summer months, with many types — such as butterflies, dragonflies and bees — that most people enjoy and appreciate, but also some not-so-nice ones that can damage our ornamental and vegetable plants. Here’s a lineup of some pest suspects which includes one that just seems like a pest because it can be so numerous, but it doesn’t hurt plants. Read more about these six insects in these archived articles:

Plants Plus: Post-Harvest Handling

One in the Plants Plus Series – a remix of past training presentations, printed materials and other references focused on specific plants or topics to help you increase your knowledge so you can better answer homeowner questions. To get 2 hours of continuing education credit for watching and reading this package of information, just complete the short quiz! This Plants Plus package focuses on post-harvest handling of vegetable crops.

Red, white and blue

With Independence Day in early July we’re seeing lots of red, white and blue. In keeping with that theme, here’s a horticultural selection revolving around those patriotic colors. Read about six different plants that have red, white or blue flowers in these archived articles:

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