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Use Peer Reviewed Information

In the age of the internet, information is cheap, easy and everyone has an opinion. That’s great if you’re trying to pick a paint color or a movie.  It’s not so great if you’re trying to save your tree or get rid of the bees under your siding. Some things in life really do require […]

Articles About Plant Processes and Stuff

How do plants DO that? Here’s a collection of articles that explore some unusual ways plants grow, how they develop, their relationship with a type of fungi, and one extra unrelated article about what we call plants. Learn more in these archived articles…

Plants Plus: Raspberries

One in the Plants Plus Series – a remix of past training presentations, printed materials and other references focused on specific plants or topics to help you increase your knowledge so you can better answer homeowner questions. To get 2 hours of continuing education credit for watching and reading this package of information, just complete the short quiz! This Plants Plus package focuses on growing raspberries. 

Cilantro Herb of the Year 2017

Cilantro leaves are an essential ingredient in many Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian, Mexican salsas and many other ethnic dishes. This cool season herb has been selected as the International Herb Association’s Herb of the Year™ 2017. If you like its pungent taste, make sure you plant some this year. Learn more about this common herb and how to grow it…

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